Asociación Española de Mindfulness y Compasión

Fabrizio Didonna, PsyD.

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Fabrizio Didonna, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist, Professor at the University of Barcelona and founder and president of the Italian Institute for Mindfulness (IS.I.MIND).
He is Coordinator of the Unit for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Unit for Anxiety and Mood Disorders of the Department of Psychiatry of the Private Hospital of Villa Margherita (Private Hospital of Vicenza – Italy).
He is a teacher and trainer of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy in different institutions in Italy. Instructor with great experience in groups both in hospital and outpatient settings and one of the first therapists who designed and used mindfulness training with patients with serious disorders in hospital treatment programs


Fabrizio Didonna

Advisory Board / Member of Honor


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