Asociación Española de Mindfulness y Compasión

Isabel Rubió Gavidia

Management board / President

General Health psychologist. Master of Clinical Psychology and Health (ISEP).

University Specialist in Psychological Treatment of Obesity and the eating disorder (UNED).

Mindfulness course in clinical practice: advanced training for therapists (AEMind).

MBCT training, MSC and CFT advanced level (AEMind).

Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion Retreat on (AEMind).

Conducts weekly group meditation sessions (ARTIC Psychology and Health).

Presentation of the paper “Review of the international standards of training in mindfulness: basis for initiating a national proposal” along with Ms. Constanza Calatayud and Dr. Azucena García (First International Congress Mindfulness, by the Carlos III Institute and held in Zaragoza. 2014).

Active Member Schools project Aware (AEMind)..

Isabel Rubió Gavidia

Management board / President
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