Asociación Española de Mindfulness y Compasión

The association

What is AEMind


AEMIND is a scientific and professional society that emerges as national initiative of a group of health and psychotherapy professionals trying to live mindfulness in their personal and professional activities./ AEMIND is composed of psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, teachers, health professionals and teachers interested in the dissemination, application and research of Mindfulness practices as a means of improving the physical health and emotional development./

AEMIND is an active member of EAMBA (European Associations of Mindfulness based Approaches)  which it is the European coordinator of associations for teaching mindfulness.All teachers and professionals associated with AEMIND adhere to the Guidelines for Good Practice for Trainers mindfulness-based courses, based on the standards of the European network UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations we subscribe fully in all our training programs.

In addition, AEMIND is an associate member of the International Compassionate Mind Foundation,an organization dedicated to promoting the welfare through scientific research and the application of compassion in various areas of human activity.






Our mission is to spread knowledge, experiences, practices and promotion of scientific research in the field of Mindfulness and Compassion, and their application in various areas of society: healthcare, clinical psychology, social services, education at all ranges age, organizations and families.


Moving towards a more conscious society through the dissemination and application of mindfulness prospects in various areas of health and education. Promote knowledge of the contemplative traditions of East and West and their integration with the approaches of scientific psychology


In AEMind we are committed to a set of values among which are:

  • The value of mindfulness, presence and loving kindness as pillars of the individual transformers and in the long term, our society.
  • The value of authenticity, personal honesty and live with freedom every moment of life.
  • The value of both the perennial wisdom and scientific knowledge, to promote health, understood as a state of harmonious integration of body, mind, relationships and soul.

For the function of AEMIND, you can download here the Bylaws of Association /  To learn about the activities of the association, you can download the Corporate Brochure AEMIND  

The Team

Dr. Vicente Simón Pérez

Advisory Board / President of Honor

Christopher Germer, PhD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Beatriz Rodríguez Vega

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Azucena García Palacios

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Ronald Siegel, PsyD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Paul Gilbert, FBPsS PhD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Pilar Barreto Martín, PhD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Rebecca Crane, PhD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Paul R. Fulton, Ed.D

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Fabrizio Didonna, PsyD

Advisory Board / Member of Honor

Marta Alonso Maynar

Advisory Board / Member of Honor
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