Asociación Española de Mindfulness y Compasión


What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an English word difficult to translate into Spanish. It could also be said: contemplation /

In turn, mindfulness is the translation of the Pali word: SATI

Sati means the activity of consciousness in itself, something very difficult to express in words; It is that moment of pure consciousness that occurs when we realize something that lasts a fraction of a second, because immediately the mind develops and transforms that experience; generally objectify and translates it into words. The purity and vividness of the experience is lost and diluted (is exploited to include) in the stream of ordinary mental activity. Therefore, we can say that mindfulness is the reality in its emerging status, which come the words. Thus, it is ‘something that is both above and below the words’ as Bhante Gunaratana says (in ‘Minfulness in plain English’).


Mindfulness, as used in the Western context, refers to a set of practices or mental exercises that have in common to focus attention on the present moment, without judgment and with a caring or loving attitude toward the object contemplated /

You can also say that mindfulness is the word used in academics and scientists to unite and give scientific coverage to many of the meanings covered by the word ‘meditation’.

However, we must remember that what matters is the fact that words are only a tool to get closer to reality. Words are not reality. Borges wrote, ‘the reality is something else.’ Therefore, no oversize the importance of words and Let us use them as they are useful. Once they have fulfilled their mission, we can save them for another time.

In our Western environment, the practice of mindfulness is gaining followers with a dizzying progression because it is not only inherent human nature, but serves to reduce the reactivity to stress, and symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also increases the ability to regulate mood, promoting positive affect. In short, in this historical moment, the practice of mindfulness serves as an antidote to the nonsense that modern life (or post-modern) ends up creating.

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