MBCT Specialist. 3Nd Edition – Madrid 2018

Specialized training for teachers of the program Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (Mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy (MBCT) – Stage 1

Its purpose is to develop fluency in the integration of the
psychological aspects with the teaching of Mindfulness.

A 5-day seminar, non-residential
focused on understanding and learning of the characteristic aspects of the program MBCT
5 to 9 decembre 2018, in Madrid

The program MBCT is an integration of Mindfulness with cognitive science. In the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), recommends the program MBCT as a priority to implement in the health service for people with recurrent depressions. This approach is now being adapted through research and careful clinical practice for other types of populations, both clinical and general This seminar will help participants to reflect on their teaching of the MBCT, both in terms of their personal process as in the intentions and the rationale behind it.

This course is open to both experienced Mindfulness teachers who will be able to refresh their personal practice and teaching and also to new teachers who are in the early stages of development of their teaching skills. It is particularly suitable for clinicians who want to implement the program MBCT in contexts of health and is relevant for all those who wish to develop greater clarity about how to tune and respond to the specific vulnerabilities of the participants in the courses of 8 weeks.

Will take place in
MADRID, 5 – 9 december 2018,
In the Hotel EXE PLAZA,
Paseo de la Castellana, 191
28046 – Madrid