EAMBA formalizes itself as a European federation and AEMIND enters as part of the Board of Directors

   This past weekend (August 25-27) the eight annual meeting of EAMBA (European Network of Associations of Mindfulness Based Approaches) took place in Madrid. AEMIND along with the collaboration of the Autonoma University of Madrid and the La Paz University Hospital were the host of the meeting in which they gathered 23 representatives from 13 different countries.

   The representatives of AEMIND were: Marta Alonso, Luis Gregoris y Cecília Gelpí, and the representatives of the Autonoma University of Madrid and the La Paz University Hospital, were Beatriz Rodríguez Vega.

   In this meeting they approved the statutes which makes possible the formalization of the European Mindfulness Federation. In this encounter they also reaffirmed the importance of having a unified quality criteria for the practice of all Mindfulness teachers.

   Once they formalized the statutes, they chose the preliminary Board members (integrating Marta Alonso as a representative and President of AEMIND) and they also chose three different working groups which managed the following topics: Retreat, Conferences and Governance; Beatriz Rodríguez Vega and Cecília Gelpí were part of the last two topics.