AEMind’s Mindfulness and Compassion Practice Groups throughout Spain

The group, the community, the sangha are the fundamental pillars to keep any meditative practice.


AEMind offers a network of groups in cities across the country with the purpose of facilitating the experience of group practice cultivating the foundations of Mindfulness and Compassion.

The practice of Mindfulness and Compassion Group keeps alive and strengthens individual commitment. The group is a shared meeting space, creates a sense of connection, a trusting environment that enhances the experience of unity and shared humanity. The exchange of experiences among its members facilitates learning from each other. The group provides support and understanding in times of difficulty and loneliness that appear during individual practice, allowing reinforce and strengthen the commitment to it.

The group is not an educational activity. It is aimed at people initiated in the practice of Mindfulness and Compassion. Nor is a resource for therapeutic purposes, or a proposal for a spiritual path.. Mindfulness and Compassion connects us lay spirituality, intrinsic to human beings. Mindfulness and Compassion is not Buddhism or any other religious practice. It is the heritage of humanity.

Who are the target groups?

Anyone interested in sharing and strengthen the practice of Mindfulness and Compassion, (members and nonmembers of AEMind, especially health care and education) withbasic experience in Mindfulness acquired through the training offered AEMIND or other formations equivalent programs as 8 weeks (MBSR, REBAP, MBCT, MSC) taught by a certified instructor.

How to join a group?

Those interested in joining a group must complete the Application for Registration to Practice Group Mindfulness and Compassion (spanish)  and send it to the e-mail address of the coordinator of the local group to be joined.

Consult  Directory groups and Coordinators (spanish)

What is the overall dynamics of the sessions?

The sessions are developed through the following times:

  • Reception
  • Guided practice
  • Stretching exercises or yoga
  • Space to share the experience
  • Silent practice
  • Comments on the practice
  • Brief reading of some text.
  • Closing

The structure can be adjusted by the coordinator according to the specificity and / or circumstance group.

Application Coordination Group:

Those interested in Coordinate practice groups can contact Judit Ribes Revés, Head-Coordinator practice groups AEMind through this email: